Hosting my Own Readathon?

This is an idea that has been floating around in my head for a while. …What if I created my own readathon?

I have been trying to come for an idea for something to do on this blog for Halloween. I know it is currently June, but I like to plan things in advance. It also gives me time to create graphics and come up with post ideas for it. This is a horror and generally dark themed book blog, should it not have something special for Halloween?

The main reason behind writing about the idea so far in advance is to ask a simple question:

Would you take part in a Halloween themed readathon in October?

The rules would be simple

  • It would last one week (Dates not yet decided but at some point in October)
  • Simply read as much as you can in a week.
  • You can read whatever you like but there has to be at least ONE Halloween appropriate book in your To Read Pile, whether it be a horror novel, dark thriller or simply has monsters in it. It has to be fitting for Halloween. The horror genre is shrinking in book shops due to lack of interest so why not show it some love in October.
  • There will be Halloween themed post ideas pitched throughout the week for bloggers.

The only issue I have with this readathon hosting idea is that my Octobers are so bloody busy. I generally live like it is Halloween every day all year round so you can imagine how busy my life gets when October shows up. I am basically the queen of Halloween Town every year. I could spare a week though, especially if I plan things out carefully in advance. It would be possible.

Watch this space for more updates. I will be designing graphics and setting up hashtags for the readathon closer to the event.

Don’t forget to answer my question: Would you take part?

Wrap Up: Bout of Books

Bout of Books is officially over. No more reading every moment of the day or daily updates on my constant failure to look forward to. It has been fun and certainly cleared a few books off my to-read pile.

I know I normally dont do wrap up posts on this blog. I think regular wrap ups are silly because they make reading seem like work and that you can’t be a reader unless you complete 100 books a month. I could rant on the topic all day but since this is a reading challenge I am forced to do a wrap up. So I am sorry for breaking my own rules.

So this is my final page and book count for Bout of Books 19:

Overall I read a grand total of 1,046 pages.

I finished:

  • The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum
  • Say Cheese and Die! by RL Stine
  • Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin

I also read:

146 pages of Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan

26 pages of Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

I suppose I didn’t do too badly during this challenge even though the last three days were a complete loss. I am going to keep reading Into the Water and Dark Prophecy and hopefully I will get them finished this week.

Bout of Books will be back again in August so if you didn’t get a chance to take part this month there will be another one coming soon. Watch this space, I will keep you updated.

Did you take part in Bout of Books last week? How did you do?

Thoughts and Progress: Bout of Books Day 6

This is a story all about how my reading got flipped-turned upside down…

What happened to my brilliant Bout of Books reading streak?!

Well, after my monster book hangover on Thursday I came into work on Friday all set for more reading. I had a new audiobook lined up and Trials of Apollo sitting on my desk ready for my lunch break and then at 9am an email rolled into my inbox. “Can we have a quick chat at 3 about your performance?” Now, I have mentioned before that I suffer from a curse when it comes to Bout of Books. I have lost three jobs during past challenges. Not because of the challenge, but always due to cut backs or contracts running out, it is just bad timing. I thought I was safe this time. I have a job I was head hunted for and I am a proper permanent member of staff, but still, when I got that email I thought of THE CURSE! …Well long story short, 3pm rolled around and it turned out to just been my annual review. I was perfectly fine, no mention of me reading at my desk, my odd work attire or my bouts of dancing around the building (which have probably been caught on security camera 100 times by now). I spent an entire work day worrying to the point of being unable to read for nothing.

So my progress for both Friday and Saturday is a big fat ZERO.

I usually find it difficult to read on Saturdays because it is the day of the week I dedicate to spending time with my partner. We are both workaholics so Saturdays are for getting pizza and doing things together. So I spent yesterday stuffing my face and watching Tokyo Ghoul rather than reading. I suck, but hopefully I will get some reading done today. Weekends are awful for reading.

So how is everyone else doing? Can you read a lot during the weekend? When is your best time to read?


Thoughts and Progress: Bout of Books Day 4


My Thursday was tainted with a book hangover so bad that I couldn’t read for the rest of the day. I finished The Girl Next Door and it was so dark and depressing that I didn’t feel like reading anything after it. I just wanted to sit and stare at the wall for a while. It was a good book though. You can read my review here.

So here is my progress for Thursday the 11th of May

I managed to read a total of 265 pages.It wasn’t as good as my brilliant total yesterday but it is still pretty good. I think overall I have read 1,046 during this challenge so I am feeling quite proud of myself. Not bad for someone with a book hangover.

I read 215 pages of The Girl Next Door and finished it.

I managed 40 pages of Trials of Apollo: Dark Prophecy. It wasn’t my 50 page goal but at least it was close.

I only read 10 pages of Into the Water. I was stupid and made myself a bit too comfortable on the sofa and I dozed off. Genius.

Reading Plans for Today

Oh today is going to be difficult. Somehow I woke up feeling more tired. I have no idea why, and I sure it will ruin my reading a bit today because I keep dozing off. Aw well, at least it is Friday and that means I can stay up late reading if I want.

  • Start Salem’s Lot
  • Read 50 pages of Dark Prophecy
  • Read 50 pages of Into the Water.

I am not taking part in the Book Spine Rainbow Challenge today because my library is currently a trash heap, as you all know.

Are you taking part in Bout of Books this month? If so share your progress with me and tell me what you are reading.

Thoughts and Progress: Bout of Books Day 3

We are half way there! One thing about Bout of Books is that it really makes your work week fly in.

Wednesday was the first day of this challenge where I was free to spend most of my evening reading. I just had to remind my partner that he hasn’t played his new Zelda game in a few days and that cancelled any kind of social interaction for the rest of the night. So I spent my evening curled up on the sofa reading while he played Breath of the Wild in the background.

So here is my progress for Wednesday the 10th of May

I managed to read a total of 355 pages yesterday. I am not sure how it compares to other Bout of Books’ I have taken part in but I am still quite proud of that page count. It has been my best page count this week.

I started and finished Say Cheese and Die which was 144 pages. I will be writing about it soon in my Return to Goosebumps review series.

I read 155 pages of The Girl Next Door. It is a brilliantly written book but it is a horrific read. I am planning on reviewing it because I have so many thoughts on this book that I need to put them somewhere.

I only read 40 pages of Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy, but that is still better than my page count from yesterday. I am actually enjoying taking my time with this book.

I started Into the Water. I am only 16 pages in because I started reading it after I finished Say Cheese and Die and I was a little tired out by that point of the night.

Reading Plans for Today

  • Finish The Girl Next Door
  • Read 50 pages of Dark Prophecy
  • Read at least 50 pages of Into the Water
  • Start Salems Lot if I have time

Are you taking part in Bout of Books this month? If so share your progress with me and tell me what you are reading.

Thoughts and Progress: Bout of Books Day 2

Is it just me or is Bout of Books flying in? Day 2 is over and sadly so is the sign up. If you didn’t get a chance to take part this time there will be another one in a few months.

Once again everyone wanted to socialise with me yesterday which stopped me reading after work hours, unless you count flicking through a few comics. I spent yesterday eating burritos and sitting in a nerd bar reading comics and playing boardgames with my boyfriend. I might not have read anything but at least I had a good time.

I have also decided to add a new book to my to read list for this challenge and that is Say Cheese and Die. It is another Goosebumps book and it is a short and sweet easy read. I thought it would give me something to read since I am slow reading Dark Prophecy.

So here is my progress for Tuesday the 9th of May

I managed to read 178 pages. That isn’t as good as yesterday but it still isn’t the worst number in the world and I finished a book.

I read the final 100 pages of Rosemary’s Baby. It was an awesome book and I highly reccomend it. I will talk about it more in my picks of the month.

I only read 26 pages of Dark Prophecy but that was due to slowing myself down intentionally. Like I mentioned in my previous update I read Rick Riordan books with my boyfriend which means I am slow getting through them.

I started The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum and I am currently 52 pages into it. It is ok so far, but his books tend to be slow burning.

Reading Plans for Today:

  • Get 75% through The Girl Next Door or at least 100 more pages of it read.
  • Read 50 pages of Dark Prophecy
  • Start Goosebumps Say Cheese and Die.

The Shelfie Challenge

Today’s challenge for Bout of Books is to post a shelfie. I have already done so at @belle_and_books on instagram but I am still going to share it here too. A shelfie challenge would normally be right up my street. I own a house with a personal library and love showing it off. …The problem is that it still isn’t unpacked so my library looks like this.

…Not exactly photogenic.

Thoughts and Progress: Bout of Books Day 1

We have survived the first day of Bout of Books! If you want to take part but haven’t signed up yet today is the last day to do so. Check out their website to join in.

I normally have bad luck when I take part in Bout of Books, and by bad luck I mean that I have actually lost two jobs during previous attempts to take part in the readathon. Don’t worry, I didn’t loose them due to the readathon, it was unrelated with very bad timing. Safe to say I lost my reading mojo during those challenges. This time though I am having much better luck. Hopefully this year will be the end of my Bout of Books curse. (*frantically knocks on wood*)

But I have to ask this, why do people suddenly want to socialise with you when you start a readathon?

So here is my progress for Monday the 8th of May:

I managed to read 248 pages which isnt the best Bout of Books page total but still a pretty solid start if I say so myself.

I am currently 208 pages into Rosemary’s Baby, which is a much better book than I expected. I will talk about it more during my picks for Dark Reads of the Month.

And I read 40 pages of Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy. This probably wasnt the best choice for a readathon book because I read Rick Riordan books with my partner and he isn’t the fastest reader in the world so I intentionally slow myself down so I don’t race too far ahead. It is a lot of fun reading a book together but it stops me flying through it.

Reading Plans for Today

  • Finish Rosemary’s Baby
  • Read at least 50 pages of Dark Prophecy during my lunch break
  • Start Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum or Salem’s Lot by Stephen King.

Are you taking part in Bout of Books this month? If so share your progress with me and tell me what you are reading.