The Blogger Recognition Award

I have been nominated by the brilliant Kiersten @ Once Upon a Spine. (Go check her out, you wont regret it) The Blogger Recognition Award is to highlight bloggers who put a lot of time and effort into their blogs, gives them a chance to share some tips and share their favourite blogs with their readers.

Once you are nominated, if you wish to accept your nomination, you must follow these rules:

  • Generate a post about the award.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a brief story about how your blog began.
  • Provide two pieces of advice to newbie bloggers.
  • Select 15 blogs to nominate.
  • Comment on each nominee’s blog and provide a link to the post that you created about the award.

I am going to break the 15 tags rule. I will just tag people until I cant think of anyone else to tag.

How The Spines Cracked

Once upon a time there was an odd little girl who was on the hunt for a horror novel to read. She loved book blogging and followed all of the famous book youtubers but alas she could not find a single creepy book to read. What was she to do? No one read the books she liked. Sure she liked a lot of the popular books but when Halloween or the urge to read something scary rolled around there were no books to be found. And the last thing she wanted was to read a book about vampires kissing boring teenage girls with no personalities, because that is the sort of monster books the blogs and youtube videos were offering her. So, since no one else was doing it, she decided to start reviewing them herself. She did her homework, scrolling through hours of Goodreads recomendations until she found a pile of books to read and review. She would fill the hole in the blogging world, and maybe she would read a few fun books along the way too.

And she lived creepily ever after.

Tips for New Bloggers

Dont Blog to be Famous

I know we live in a world of professional youtubers and internet fame but don’t start a blog expecting the followers to roll in and for you to be walking the red carpet the following week. That doesn’t happen, and that sort of existence isn’t fun. It is stressful and you end up producing poor quality content. Enjoy blogging for the sake of blogging. You will make lots of friends and you will have a platform to share all of your interests and opinions.

Also people can tell when you are trying too hard. It is off putting and a little embarrassing.
Think Outside the Box

Don’t read the books everyone else is reading, don’t create the same content as everyone else and don’t post things just because they are popular. Be yourself. Sure that other stuff might have an audience but it already has an audience. Create your own thing. Sure it’s ok to like the popular things but don’t be frightened to show the weird stuff you like too.

Life is like Tetris, if you fit in you will disappear.

Be yourself, be weird, and write it down.

The Blogs I’m Nominating

Beware of the Reader

Introverted Book Nerd 

Confessions of a YA Reader

A Reader’s Journey

Bionic Book Worm

Birdie Bookworm

This Is My Truth Now

The Past Due Book Review


The Mid Year Freak Out – Book Tag!

Question 1 – The best book you’ve read so far in 2017

It will be hard for any book I read this year to knock Battle Royale off the top spot. I ADORED this book. It is probably one of my new all time favourite novels. Gory, gritty and an emotional rollercoaster. If you haven’t read it you really need to…as long as you have a high tolerance for violence that is. You can read my full review of it here.

Question 2 – Your favorite sequel of the year

I havent read many sequels this year, but I will always buy the new Rick Riordan books when they come out and they will always be labelled my favourite sequels because his books are always gold.

Question 3 – A new release that you haven’t read but really want to

This is a non-fiction book that came out at the start of this year. Sadly due to being in the process of house buying I wasn’t able to buy it earlier in the year and I haven’t seen it for sale anywhere since. Typical.

Victorian’s Undone is a non-fiction book containing various odd facts about different famous Victorian bodies. I have a passion for anatomy, medical history and all things Victorian so this book sounds right up my street. I need it!

Question 4 – Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

This was one of my Waiting for Wednesday choices a few weeks ago and I am still infatuated with the idea of it. Meddling Kids is out in July and I plan to snatch it up the moment it hits the shelves.

You can read more about Meddling Kids here.

Question 5 – Your biggest disappointment

I had a few choices for this question but in the end I went for Bird Box by Josh Malerman. I have read worse books than this one this year but this book was so hyped up by other bloggers that it made the disappointment of reading it even greater. I had been looking forward to reading this book for over a year and when I finally did it was just boring and not scary at all. It had a few creative gory scenes but that is it. Nothing was explained, the characters were a bit flat and nothing was really solved in the end. An open ending works for some books but it didn’t work in this case.

Question 6 – Biggest surprise of the year

To be honest I only read this book on a whim. I needed something short to read and I found The Birds in the library, so I gave it a chance. Long story short I was blown away. I had seen the film previously and wasn’t the biggest fan so I was a bit surprised by how much I enjoyed the book. It reminded me of War of the Worlds as the characters were all normal and doomed. War of the Worlds is one of my favourite novels so if a book has a similar tone I will enjoy it if it is done well.

Question 7 – Favourite new to you or debut author

Jack Ketchum! I have read two books by him this year: The Girl Next Door and Red. I have added most of his bibliography to my to-read list on GoodReads and I plan on working my way through them this year. I love his style of realistic human based horror. His books are a bit upsetting but that just means they are written well enough to hurt you, A Lot.

You can read my review of Red here and my review of The Girl Next Door here.

Question 8 – Your new fictional crush

I don’t have one. I don’t get crushes on real life people let alone fictional ones. I am strange.

Question 9 – New favourite character

Apollo from the Trials of Apollo series. I know this series is on its second book and Apollo was also in the first one but I enjoyed him more this year with the second book. I think he got a lot more development in the second novel. Also to add to it, my boyfriend said Apollo reminds him of me personality wise and I am a bit of an egotist so….NEW FAVOURITE CHARACTER FOR ME because of course any character that reminds other people of me must be cool.

Question 10 – A book that made you cry

I dont cry over books or films. I am made of stone. But if you want the most upsetting book I have read this year The Girl Next Door takes that award. I have read a lot of books about people being tortured but this is probably the worst one so far.

Question 11 – A comic book that made you happy

This question is tricky because I read so many comics. I think my favourite series right now would be the current run of Spiderman and Deadpool. It is coming to an end for now and I will miss it because it has brought me so much joy. It is just fun and even though it is a silly series when it hits you with emotional moments it really hits you. I have also been reading this series with my boyfriend because I am a hardcore follower of the Spiderman comics and he is a hardcore follower of Deadpool comics, so this team up was the perfect series to read together. We enjoyed it so much that we are cosplaying the characters at a convention next week.

Question 12 – Your favourite book to movie adaptation that you’ve seen this year

This is a tv show but it still counts. I have been loving the television adaption of the American Gods novel. I am HUGE Gaiman fan and have read almost all of his books. I remember reading American Gods and thinking that it would make a great film but it was too long, it would be impossible to make a film adaption and keep everything in, so they would have to make a tv show. And then they did! I am also the only person I know in real life who has read the book so I have been enjoying watching my friends reactions to things and hearing their theories on what is going on.

Question 13 – Favourite book post you’ve done this year

For this one I pick So, I bought a library I mentioned it previously but my biggest achievement this year is that I bought my own house. Not only am I now a home owner now but it is a very large house with gardens and A LIBRARY. The post I made earlier in the year celebrating that fact should be in my top spot.

Question 14 – The most beautiful book you have bought/received this year

I received this book as a Christmas present but it still counts as a book I received this year because it was delayed in the post so my mother couldn’t give it to me until January. It is a beautiful leather bound copy of Oscar Wilde’s works. I have mentioned it many times on this blog but Wilde is one of my favourite writers. I already own several collections of his works but my mother likes to buy be pretty copies of classics I love even if I already own 5 copies of the book already.

Question 15 – What are some books you need to read by the end of the year

My Dream Author Panel

Imagine if you could put together your own dream author panel, a crack team of writers who you could ask anything you wanted about books and writing, well Eventbrite has a brilliant project that inspires book bloggers to write about just that.

Author panels normally have a theme and it took a bit of thinking for me to come up with mine because it was just entirely self indulgent with no overlapping theme, or at least that was the case until I noticed one. I am going to call this a Short Story Writers Panel because all of these writers have written short stories at one point or another. Now I just need lots of money and a time machine (because a lot of these writers are dead) to make it happen.

My guests would be:

Neil Gaiman

If I were to pick my favourite author in the whole world Gaiman would definetly be one of my top picks. I think I might have a tiny bit of a crush on his brilliance. It’s odd, I know. So if I were to have a writers panel he would have to be on it. I would love the chance to ask him about his ideas, The Sandman series, and discuss general strange things. I know he hates being asked where he gets his ideas from so maybe I will avoid that question.




HG Wells

This guest might be a little difficult since Wells is dead.

I have only discovered the wonders that is the work of HG Wells in the last year. His writing is amazing to the point of impossible. I would love to ask him how he thought up the ideas for his stories, especially War of the Worlds since the technology featured in that story had never been heard of before he wrote about it. He thought of up possible space travel in the 19th century and invented the alien invasion story genre. If you like alien films, you probably have Wells to thank for it.

Oscar Wilde

I dont think any panel would be complete without Oscar Wilde.

His wit and intelligence would make him the perfect addition to any writers panel. He would generally just be a fun guest and would probably have lots of brilliant commentary on the 21st century if I managed to bring him to this time period.




Joe Hill

The writer of Horns, 20th Century Ghosts, Heartshaped Box, and like everyone on this list, one of my favourite authors.

Joe Hill and Neil Gaiman both write graphic novels so I think they would work well together on a panel. I am a horror short story writer myself so I would like to ask lots of questions of Hill about how he writes his stories because I love his writing style. It is always straight to the point but emotional at the same time. He also just seems like a generally fun guy.


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

If Doyle wasnt on my panel something would be wrong. This is also a little cruel because I would want to bring Doyle to the 21st century just to annoy him. I want him to know that he is famous for the one series that he hated and tried to destroy. When he is done being grumpy about that, I will ask him about writing serialised shorts because that old format of story writing really interests me. Bring back the Penny Dreadful I say!



My fantasy panel would take place in London. When the panel is over I would go get some absinthe with Oscar Wilde because we are both absinthe drinkers, take HG Wells to the science and technology museum and maybe drop Sir Arthur Conan Doyle off at the Sherlock Holmes museum so he can throw a tantrum.

What writers would be on your dream author panel? Tell me in a comment or write your own post about it and share the link so I can check it out.

And if you you’re interested in hosting and organising your own panel, check out Eventbrite’s conference management page

The Book Blogger TMI Tag

I found these questions on a list of book blogger tags and I thought that since this is a new blog that I would answer them and give you a chance to get to know me better. I wont be tagging anyone specific in it because I want everyone to be free to copy it and link it so we can all get to know each other.

How old are you?

Twenty-five. I’m a whole quarter of a century year old, and that makes me feel ancient.

What book are you reading?

Right now I am reading Cress by Marissa Meyer. Like I said in my last review, I am completely hooked on the series.

What are you wearing?

Jeans, red converse trainers that have gold wings attached to them and a black X-men t-shirt. Most of the time I am wearing jeans and some sort of dorky shirt.

OTP? (One True Pairing, for those who don’t know.)

Oh I am such a shipper. I could write a list. When it comes to book characters I like Wolf and Scarlet from the Lunar Chronicles, and I also love Tonks and Lupin from the Harry Potter series.

Blogger or WordPress?

WordPress, because it is easier to use.

Going outside being active or staying in and reading a book?

Staying in and reading, though I wouldnt say no to reading outside if the weather was nice enough.

What is the last book you read?

It was Scarlet, the second book in the Lunar Chronicles series.

What is the book you’re going to read next?

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. I pre-ordered it a few days ago so I am just waiting for it to be released.

Ebooks – yes or no?

Yes, but I prefer the smell and texture of real books. Ebooks are easier to carry around, they dont wrinkle and it lets me have a library in my bag.

Where do you prefer to read?

I usually read on my bed or at my desk at work. I’m productive like that.

Who is the last person you tweeted?

I cant remember. I think it was a discussion about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Whose blog did you look at last?

I dont know. I was randomly blog browsing so I didnt take down any names.

Who is your favorite blogger?

I’m new to book blogging so I dont have a favourite, yet.

Who is your favorite book-tuber?

Christine aka polandbannanasbooks . I am a Youtube junkie so I watch a lot of other book-tubers as well.

What do you do when someone tells you reading is boring?

I would nag them and throw books at them until they started reading. My boyfriend was like that before I convinced him to read the Harry Potter series and now he actually reads instead of just coming with me to bookshops to help me reach the high shelves.

Who is the last author you spoke to?

Sheena Wilkinson. She writes teen novels about horses. I had writing lessons from her and she gave me a signed copy of her book  Taking Flight.

Who is the last person you texted?

My boyfriend, and he was asking me about boiled eggs just in case you are curious.

Who is your all-time favorite book character?

I have so many! It would be impossible for me to pick just one.


I want to say UKYA because I live in the UK but I read more USYA but that is mainly because there are more writers from the US who write YA fiction.

What is your preferred drink whilst reading?

Coke. It’s the only thing I drink at home.

If you hated reading, what would you be doing instead?

I cant even picture that alternate universe. Reading saved me from the rough area I lived in when I was younger so I would probably have been in more trouble growing up and I wouldn’t have went to university or have the job I have now.

How many bookshelves / bookcases do you have?

I have 7 bookcases, and 6 of them are full.

If you had the choice to meet all of your favorite book bloggers or all of your favorite authors, which would you pick? You can only pick one.

Well I dont have any favourite book bloggers so of course I am going to pick authors. I would want to meet JK Rowling, not just because the Harry Potter series is brilliant but because all of the other authors I want to meet are dead.

Insta-love: yes or no?

No, but I think you can develop an instant crush on someone. Silly people usually mistake that for love.

Favorite author?

JK Rowling, Roald Dahl, Marissa Meyer, Susan Collins, Rick Riordan and many many more.

What is the number-one book on your wishlist?

Right now I want a complete hardcover set of the Lunar Chronicles because the covers are gorgeous and I love them.

Do you prefer books with female or male protagonists?

I really dont have a preference. The gender of a character really doesnt matter to me at all, though I do love my badass ladies.

Which is your favourite book-to-film adaption?

I’m going to pick an old children’s movie for this one and say Matilda. The book is brilliant but the movie just added things to it that made it so much better.

What is the last song you listened to?

I really cant remember what I last listened to. …I think it was the Amazing Spiderman 2 soundtrack.

Which do you enjoy reading more – negative reviews or positive reviews?

I enjoy reading them both equally. Even if they don’t agree with my point of view on the book it is still interesting to hear someone else’s point of view on things.