Review Policy


Where do I get my books?

I am a secondhand shopper. The vast majority of my books come from secondhand sources or local libraries to encourage people to give homes to used books. Loving books is about reading not about how many books you own. I rarely buy new books and I will say when I do. If I am provided a book for review I will say so.

How do I choose the books I review?

I read a book, form an opinion of it and then decide to share that opinion. I do not actively search for books to review. This blog is a hobby as I have a full time career outside of blogging. I simply noticed a lack of horror based book blogs and decided to start my own. (See my About page for more details). I will review anything from classics to new releases. If I feel like it belongs here I will post a review of it, regardless of release date.

Book Review Policy

I hold the right to refuse any review and I am not obligated to give you a review even if I respond to you.

All books must fit the dark themes of this blog. Genres can include:

  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Paranormal
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Psychological Thrillers
  • Mystery/Crime novels
  • YA
  • Paranormal/dark children and teen’s books

NO: Romance or High Fantasy. 

I accept books for ALL ages. This blog might focus on dark things but I like reviewing books for even the creepy kids out there.

I will state in the review that the book was received for review.

Books will be accepted in physical and digital formats, preferably in epub file formats. Digital copies will be deleted afterward and physical copies will be donated to charity to encourage others to read.

I give honest reviews. Sometimes brutally honest ones. If I do not like a book I will say so.

Reviews will be within 2 weeks of me receiving the book.

I will also provide a GoodReads review for every book I read.



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