About & Introductions

What to expect from this blog

  • I will only review horror, thriller or books with dark themes. This includes books for all age groups.
  • I will review books I hate, but if I book doesn’t leave any impression at all I will not review it.
  • I will NOT write TBR/Wrap up posts unless they are linked to a reading challenge. I think regular posts like that can put people off reading. So what if you read one book this month, the important thing is that you read something.
  • I will write the rare book haul. I usually buy books from secondhand sources or borrow from libraries. I only buy new books on special occasions.
  • Dripping sarcasm

My eternal quest to find something that scares me

I have had an ongoing challenge to my followers to find something that scares me. I have an extremely high tolerance for horror and gore so I want to find a book that will actually frighten me. No one has been successful, yet. So I am always open to suggestions.

Warning System

As of now, I am implementing a warning system for the books I review. Due to the genres I write about many of the books I read have questionable subject matter that some people might find disturbing or generally not their cup of tea. All of my reviews from now on will have a section dedicated to warnings. If a book has strong language, rape/abuse references or graphic gore etc I will let you know.


12 thoughts on “About & Introductions”

  1. I love this – you got yourself a new follower! Lovely to meet you, I look forward to future reads.

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