About & Introductions

I feel like official introductions a long over due.

Hello, I am Bernadette, or The Spine Cracker since that is my username on most blogging platforms. I am an Irish book blogger with a speciality in all things horror, thriller or generally dark reads. I have a slightly spooky lifestyle to go with it so maybe I will share the odd lifestyle post on here too, but my main focus is books.

Why Spine Cracker?

If you have been here from the start of this blog (well done for putting up with me for this long) you will know that I used to be a regular book blogger. I reviewed the same books as all of the other book bloggers, I followed trends, wrote TBR posts and did all of the things you expect a book blogger to do, but I became disillusioned. The general world of bloggers is very commercial and materialistic. I noticed book bloggers hauling classics that they would never read, refusing to buy used books because they were not pretty, or refusing copies of books simply because that particular cover didn’t match the other books of the series, or even not going to libraries because it wouldn’t add to their impressive home library that they like to take lots of instagram photos of. This made me a little sad, and I stopped blogging for a while. After some thought I returned as The Spine Cracker. A blogger who buys used books and cares more about the content of the book rather than the cover. I also stopped reading what was popular and started writing reviews of books that I wanted to review, namely horror and thriller novels.

What to expect from this blog

  • I will only review horror, thriller or books with dark themes. This includes books for all age groups.
  • I will review books I hate, but if I book doesn’t leave any impression at all I will not review it.
  • I will NOT write TBR/Wrap up posts unless they are linked to a reading challenge. I think regular posts like that can put people off reading. So what if you read one book this month, the important thing is that you read something.
  • I will write the rare book haul. I usually buy books from secondhand sources or borrow from libraries. I only buy new books on special occasions.
  • Dripping sarcasm

My eternal quest to find something that scares me

I have had an ongoing challenge to my followers to find something that scares me. I have an extremely high tolerance for horror and gore so I want to find a book that will actually frighten me. No one has been successful, yet. So I am always open to suggestions.

Warning System

As of now, I am implementing a warning system for the books I review. Due to the genres I write about many of the books I read have questionable subject matter that some people might find disturbing or generally not their cup of tea. All of my reviews from now on will have a section dedicated to warnings. If a book has strong language, rape/abuse references or graphic gore etc I will let you know.

For more feel free to follow me on Instagram or add me on Goodreads


11 comments on “About & Introductions

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