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Shibuya Goldfish by Aoi Hiroumi (Manga Review)


When I finished reading Gyo I thought that would be the end of my adventures with killer fish causing havoc on land but no, I found a new one. And this time they not only fly but they can talk too. You read that right, a horror manga about flying, talking fish soaring around Japan eating people. Well, Gyo left an impression (and several images that will be burned into my brain forever), so I thought hell yeah, give me more monster fish!

I will fully admit that I thought this was going to be a stupid manga right from the beginning. It is about flying talking fish after all and it is the second series I have read with similar dumb ideas, but surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. The characters were fun, the art was lively and found myself really hooked. I did have some issues with the occasional piece of fan service but I have been reading manga for years, I am used to it by now and it is only a panty shot or two, nothing too bad. I have read much worse.

This might annoy some hard core horror manga fans, but in some ways I enjoyed it more than Gyo. The story of Gyo is better, but when it comes to art and characters I liked this one a lot more. I think it might be because it is more modern and it is more of what I am personally used to. Modern manga stories tend to be more character driven, and this series even had a typical over the top manga badass character in it. Gyo had a great story but a lot of it was following around a normal couple watching them scream at everything. It works because it is more realistic but this is manga, sometimes you expect some silliness.

I think both series’ have their good points. Gyo is serious, has a darker art style and the everyday main characters make the series scarier, but Shibuya Goldfish is more like a modern manga, silly, over the top and with characters who aren’t realistic.

Overall this series is pretty decent. Just expect it to be very silly with its ideas, and even though Gyo is better at delivering the horror vibes this one still had a few panels that will be burned into my mind. I never thought seeing a man leak tiny goldfish would be so unsettling.



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