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Well, I made a stupid mistake…

I found this story doing the rounds on Twitter, decided to give it a read and now I am sufficently creeped out.

I am know I always say that I am hard to scare but when it comes to this sort of home alone found footage style online horror I get so uneasy. It doesnt help that I am home alone tonight. No sleep for me.

Obsideo is the “true” story behind Brian Kirk’s upcoming novel Will Haunt You, and if this is what we have in store I am thrilled (and possibly hiding under a pile of blankets)

So give it a read through the link below (it’s a short read), and wish me luck because I have to be alone tonight.


1 thought on “OBSIDEO: The Story Behind WILL HAUNT YOU”

  1. Too much like Blair Witch and so I couldn’t take my trash out for a month. Don’t want that kind of nightmare in my life again.

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