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REVIEW: Dark Water by Koji Suzuki


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“A haunting collection of short stories from Koji Suzuki, author of the smash thriller, Ring, which spawned the hit film and sequels. The first story in this collection has been adapted to film (Dark Water, Walter Salles), and another, “Adrift” is currently in production with Dimension Films.”


There will always be a special place in my heart for Japanese horror. It is beautiful, deep and usually much more frightening than western horror. I love the films and, since reading The Ring, I love the novels too.

From the writer of The Ring, Dark Water is a collection of short horror stories that are connected with the simple theme of water. From the ocean to leaky pipes, you name the type of water it is covered in these stories. This book reminded me very much of Neil Gaiman’s Trigger Warning. In Trigger Warning Gaiman promised that every story would be disturbing in different ways so there would be something for everyone, and Dark Water is very similar. Some horror collections fall into the trap of being the same story, or same genre of horror story told over and over within the same collection, but this collection covered a wide range of horror. Some were people based, some were supernatural based and some were simply written to play tricks on your mind.

If you are new to Japanese horror I think you should pick up this book. It covers such a range of horror genres that it would easily act as a sample platter for everything that Japanese horror has to offer. Personally my favourite stories were Dark Water (the title story and the inspiration behind the film of the same name) and Solitary Isle.

The only negative point I have about this book is that a lot of the characters are extremely unpleasant, but that seems to be a regular trait in Japanese thriller and horror novels. No one is entirely a good person. I suppose that is true in some ways and it might make characters more realistic if you show them so flawed.


Strong language. Violence. Sexual references. Abuse references.


I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars on I enjoyed this book and will be picking it up again. I think if it were possible to give half stars on Goodreads I would give it a 3.5. The problem with short story collections is that some stories are always more enjoyable than others. While you might think one is a masterpiece the next one could bore you to death. I only subtracted points for the stories I did not enjoy as much as the others.

As always feel free to follow me on GoodReads and if you have read Dark Water let me know what you thought of it below and tell me your favourite story in the collection.

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