Popular Horror Genres I HATE

Do you have a genre or subject that turns you off automatically when it comes to books or fiction? I decided to have a good old fashioned rant about my two, so enjoy.

Note: I am perfectly willing to give these two genres another chance, so if you have any reading recommendations for them please let me know. Change my mind.


I’m going to say it: Zombies are dumb.

I feel like I am the only person in the world who hates the zombie horror genre. It is the most repetitive horror genre in the world. I have never understood how you can make so many films and write so many books about the exact same scenario with the details tweaked just enough to make it a “unique” piece of fiction. Newsflash, it isn’t unique at all. This is how you write zombie fiction:

  • Step 1. Think how humanity messed up and caused zombies (mad scientist, big corporation, plague, pollution etc the choice is yours)
  • Step 2. Introduce your boring main character
  • Step 3. Zombies + Gore
  • Step 4. Profit.

Bonus points if you include:

  • A zombie with some humanity left over
  • A character getting bitten but hiding it from the rest of the group
  • Scavengers/Looters/Human Bad Guys
  • Zombie animals



Don’t get your knickers in a twist about this point, I think there are plenty of good old fashioned vampires stories out there. I love Anne Rice, Bram Stoker, and Let the Right One In is one of my favourite books. …But, the genre is kinda dead.

Vampires are getting a tired out and boring. If they not being overly romantised as some sort of sexy pale guy who falls for a girl with zero personality, they are being used to liven up the zombie genre as mindless monsters. No one uses them creatively any more and I am a little bored of them.

And I am not just saying this because I get at least 3 emails a week asking me to read and review vampire porn.

Also, why do vampires date teenagers or young adults in books? Would there not be a HUGE maturity gap? What would they have in common? Wouldn’t a 100 year old vampire have more in common with a 90 year old pensioner? Just saying.

4 thoughts on “Popular Horror Genres I HATE”

  1. I think zombies get repetitive for sure so id agree there but that only makes me want to challenge it and try to take it on through a new perspective xD Vampires I still like~ classic whether they be horrifying or sexy.

    I think ghosts and werewolves can get a bit overdone too

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