Popular Horror Genres I HATE

Do you have a genre or subject that turns you off automatically when it comes to books or fiction? I decided to have a good old fashioned rant about my two, so enjoy. Note: I am perfectly willing to give these two genres another chance, so if you have any reading recommendations for them please… Continue reading Popular Horror Genres I HATE


DISCUSSION: Book Blogging, Horror & Gender

This post is probably a bit of a discussion post. I would love to hear everyone's opinions on it, blogger or not. So I research ideas for blog posts. I think all bloggers do it. They have a little browse of the net, read other blogs and see if they can find a little spark… Continue reading DISCUSSION: Book Blogging, Horror & Gender


Why Summer Reading Sucks

I am just going to say it: Summer is the worst time for reading. Now this might surprise some people, but generally, I love Summer the season. I know I look like a pale corpse who thinks it is Halloween all year round, but I love Summer. The weather is great, there is less traffic… Continue reading Why Summer Reading Sucks


Discussion: Comic Book YA Novels

This is probably going to ruffle a LOT feathers but....Comic book YA novels WTF I have noticed a new trend in bookshops and in the book world that really bothers me: Novels about comic book characters. Normally I would write these off as those crappy novel versions of recent films with horrific movie covers that… Continue reading Discussion: Comic Book YA Novels


Blog Reflections 2017

2017 has been one hell of a blogging year. I have actually been running this blog since 2014. Back then I was trying to fit in with all of the other book bloggers out there but it was dull and I didn't post very often because I was bored and felt like my posts were… Continue reading Blog Reflections 2017

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Why I Read Ghost Stories At Christmas

Now it is no secret that I read scary things all year around but when it comes to Christmas I just want one thing: ghost stories. Now I know it is a bit odd, images of ghosts really don't mesh with jolly old Saint Nick and Christmas trees, but is it really that strange? .....Historically… Continue reading Why I Read Ghost Stories At Christmas


A Writer’s Guide to Kiss Scenes

Warning: Lack of Seriousness Ahead It has been a long time since I went on a rant but I have just read a book that contained a kiss scene so bad that I thought I would teach professional writers, ADULTS, how to kiss someone properly. One book might have caused this post but trust me,… Continue reading A Writer’s Guide to Kiss Scenes


Why We Need to Stop Hating on Audiobooks

"I only read REAL books" "I can't read if I can't touch the book" "You didn't really read it if you only┬álistened to it" Sound familiar at all? I have heard this from a stream of people over the years when I mention that I occasionally listen to audiobooks. It usually comes from casual readers… Continue reading Why We Need to Stop Hating on Audiobooks


Break Your Book Spines

This is going to be a bit of a rant about something that has left me disillusioned with the whole online book community as a whole, and that is materialism. Ever since I started book blogging, watching "booktube" videos and visiting other book blogs I noticed┬ámy book buying behaviour changing. I had to have the… Continue reading Break Your Book Spines