2018 Reading Goals and Blogging Resolutions

Happy New Year!

And, to the pile of new followers I somehow got during the Christmas break when I wasn’t blogging, welcome.

A new year means new targets for the year, bookish resolutions and lots of general reflections on the past blogging year so here are my bookish resolutions for 2018.

Read 105 Books

I hear you: “Spine, you had problems reading 100 books last year why aim for even more this year?” Well I come bearing good news, I actually did it! I had to do a lot of binge reading in December but I managed to reach my 100 book reading target. During that binge reading session I worked out how to juggle more books and read a lot in a short time so I decided to increase my book count this year, not by much, I am not totally insane, but enough to keep me on my toes.

Answer Comments like a Decent Human Being

I suck at answering comments. If you have commented on this blog before and didn’t get an answer it is simply because I am bad at answering people. It isn’t just here, it is on my lifestyle blogs on Goth Amino too. I am the worst. I see a comment notification, read the comment and then just forget that I have to answer. I will even go as far as to make up a reply in my head but then put my phone away and forget that I didn’t type it out. Again, I am the worst.

So this year I am going to try to stop telepathically answering people and get into the habit of answering comments.

Does anyone else make up comment answers in their head and forget to write them? Or am I just insane?

Blog More in my Free Time

I have a bad habit of procrastinating from other things by blogging. It means I write a lot of blog posts but it is a distraction from more pressing things. I am starting a new job at the end of January as a marketing executive for a big finance company. Yeah, someone actually thinks this little goth weirdo is executive material, it surprised me too. Anyway, this job will give me more free time outside of work so I am going to try to make the most of it and write blog posts in advance. This should make it easier to juggle blogging and work.

Also I have a habit of laying on my sofa playing on my phone while wondering why I never seem to have any free time. I repeat: I am the worst.

What else to expect from this blog in 2018:

  • More Goosebumps: I am going to keep reading and reviewing Goosebumps books until I run out of them. You seem to be enjoying the nostalgia kick.
  • More Stephen King: I plan on punishing myself by rereading Cujo this month. I am thrilled to be back on this series (sarcasm) Click here for some context 
  • History, folklore and other creepy things: I plan on writing more Frightful Fridays, sharing some of my history knowledge (because I am a nerd) and other dark things related to the world of books this year. People seem to really these posts and I love writing things like that. I know I promised you a “ghosts caught on video” post a long time ago. I will deliver.
  • A New Layout: I simply feel like modernising my blog a little so it might switch themes a few times throughout the year.

How many books are you planning on reading in 2018? Also what would you like to see more of on this blog? Tell me. 

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